Thursday, November 30, 2006

The faith of a child

Laurie and I got home last night from JTeam and Austin, my 7 year old, comes running down the stairs. He hands us this story that he wrote and I had to share it with you...

"Do you know the story of baby Jesus? I do! Do you want to hear it? I thought you would. Once a upon a time there was a man and a girl. Their names were Mary and Joseph. They had a baby and his name was Jesus. when he was a man he had to die fo rour sins. Then one day something amazing happened. God brought Jesus back to life. So he came back to heaven. And he helped god. Did you like it? I thought so. That was true."

I can't describe to you how I felt when I read this for the first time. Part of me wanted to cry. The other part wanted to share this with the world. The innocent faith of a child is so beautiful. I hope, as we enter this Christmas season, that we'll all remember Austin's story and stop the hustle and bustle that we do every Christmas...that we'll focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Consistent inconsistency

The question floating through my mind right now is "Does any read my blog anymore?" I know I've been inconsistent. Actuallly, like the title of this post says, I've been practicing consistent inconsistentcy. I was telling my friend TJ the other day that it seems that since I decided to post every Monday and Thursday I've been the worst blogger ever! (Well, next to Chuck that is...)

So here's what's been going on:

~We re-did Austin's room over the Thanksgiving week. The room went from a lovely bland white to a colorful green with brown accents. Nice!
~I heard the best sentence ever used in the English language recently at a gas station. This lady was talking to her friend on the phone and she said, and I quote: "He do do what he do for free." Ebonics at its finest!
~Took last Sunday (11/26) off while the Element Student Band led worship. I have to say, not many churches out there have a student band that is THAT GOOD! Element SMB: You guys rock!
~Yesterday was a fun day. I took a trip with two others (Lance and TJ) to the ATL to do final mixing on our album that we recorded about five ago. The mixing is done. Artwork will be done this week. Good stuff! Anticipated release date? Well, I should have that next week. I'm sure the anticipation will kill you...but it'll be over next week. : )
~We finish up the "Go" series this week at TrueNorth. It has been an awesome series. If you missed Steve's messsage last week, I highly encourage you to your hands on a copy of it. (Which you can do through our website either by clicking on the video link by the 11/19 service or by subscribing to our Podcast which you can do by clicking on the button that says "Subscribe to Podcast".) This week is going to offer opportunities for you to respond to the charge of going "glocal". Don't miss it!
~We've been busy getting ready for our new Christmas series which starts next Sunday, December 10. The series is called Indescribable. Stay tuned for more details...

That's it. Time to finish decorating the house for Christmas!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'm Baaaaack

Did you miss me? I have to say that the past week of not blogging was kind of nice. Don't get me wrong, I love to blog. But a break is needed every once in a while.

This past week I received a CD of pics from Facedown. There are some really cool ones and below I've posted a few of my faves...enjoy! (Note: click on any picture to enlarge)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Ban on Mondays

I was watching the newest Garfield movie with my boys the other day and in it Garfield makes a ban on Mondays. If you're familiar at all with the Garfield comic strip, he's not very fond of the first day of the work week because nothing good ever happens to him on that day. This week I decided to honor the big fat I'm blogging on Tuesday this week. (Of course, it has nothing to do with the nasty cold I've contracted over the past week and that I just didn't feel like it yesterday!)

I have to share something really cool from Sunday. I had the rare opportunity to sit with my wife and oldest son during the message Sunday. A very nice thing! Anyway, James (the guest speaker) asked us to turn in our bibles to a certain passage. As I was turning the pages in my bible, I looked over and noticed my 6-year old opening his bible and turning pages. I asked him if he needed help and he said yes. From that point on, he was reading along, as best he could, with the speaker. Laurie and I were beaming!

I've noticed a recent love and excitement about the bible in Austin. It's actually rather convicting because I realize I don't have that same feeling toward God's word. Oh how I want it though!

God- please give me the hunger and passion for Your Word that I see in my son!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Random things

Well, with cooler weather comes the cold bug...and he got me! I woke up this morning with a killer sore throat. Not fun!

Don't miss the beginning of our services this week. We're kicking off with Walt's "Slammed" Video.

I met a guy at Starbucks yesterday with a Missouri hat on. We got to talking and I discovered that he just moved here from Kansas City. It's nice to know that there's another Mizzou fan in town! We actually have a football team to cheer for this year!

For those of you wanting to know when the first TrueNorth CD will come out, you won't have to wait much longer! I don't have an exact date yet, but it should be out very soon!

Nothing earth shattering from me today...I will leave you with this: a tribute to kitty.