Thursday, May 24, 2007

Getting away

Tomorrow my family and I leave for a much needed vacation. I am so pumped! One week with no cell phone, no computer, no nothing...except for my beautiful bride and my kids. Good stuff!

So I'll be checking out of the blogosphere for the next week. I do want to get something out of my head that I've been sitting on this week though. I've been reading a book called For the Audience of One by Mike Pilavachi. What an amazing book! But one thought I want to throw out for you to chew on for the next week is this: worship is to be a reflection of life.

Here's what I mean...too often in our worship we put on our "best", regardless of how real or authentic it is, because we think that's what we're supposed to do. Or, quite frankly we just don't want to be real. But think on this...if we don't present ourselves to God, our whole, messed up selves, we make worship about anything but God. God doesn't want your Sunday best. The bible makes it clear that our best are filthy rags to God. So why even try to impress Him?

God wants us to bring everything we are to Him. Then, and only then, will He reveal Himself to us so that we can respond with adoration and praise.

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